About Kate

Family Photo 2010Kate was born in Maine and grew up in Chappaqua, NY. Her father was active in politics and was Deputy Director of the Small Business Administration under Nixon/Ford and Assistant Secretary of Commerce under Ronald Reagan. Political discussions were exciting and sometimes too exciting in her family particularly during the contentious Vietnam War years. From these discussions, she learned that people are often closer in belief than they appear and striving toward understanding the motivation behind opinion was far more interesting than the diatribe.

Kate moved to Vermont in 1971 to ski and fell in love with the state. She received her BA in Psychology and MS in Communication Science from UVM. In addition to her teaching activities in the public schools, she was also a clinical professor for the University of Vermont Communication Science Department, supervising graduate students in school settings.  During her tenure in the public schools, Kate served on a variety of leadership teams, collaborating with the Stern Center, the DOE and the Baird Center to address service delivery, professional development and resource allocation for children with learning differences and social-cognitive challenges.  Kate retired from the Chittenden South Supervisory Union in 2013 in order to focus on her legislative work.  She currently serves on UVM’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences Board of Advisors and is a member of the legislative advisory committee for the New England Board of Higher Education (NEHBE).

Since her arrival in the legislature in 2009, Kate has been very active in water quality issues, particularly those influences affecting the health and vitality of Lake Champlain.  She was appointed to the Citizens’ Advisory Committee on Lake Champlain’s Future 2009-present.  The Democratic Caucus elected her Deputy Assistant Majority Leader in 2012 and Assistant Majority Leader in 2014.

Kate is married to Marshall Webb, a man who wears many hats at Shelburne Farms.  She has two daughters, Sarah and Diana, two stepdaughters, Molly and Lila, 4 sons-in-law, and an increasing number of grandchildren.